I rarely communicate as intuitively and directly as through the image - whether it is with photography or film. My visual language, which I am constantly developing, is for me also a constantly changing image of the world in which I live. Through reflection, this language takes shape and becomes a medium of expression, which cannot be described in words. My goal is to make this potential visible to other people. For this reason, I increasingly dedicate myself to awareness-raising work with photographic and cinematic means and am active in various projects and organisations to create new perspectives.

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9/2023 – 3/2025

Bern University of Applied Sciences / Bern Academy of the Arts (HKB)

Master, Multimedia Communications & Publishing / Journalism

(journalism, lateral leadership, psychological principles in communications)

3/2023 – 7/2023

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH)

Internship, University Communications

(contributions for several social media plattforms)

9/2022 – 2/2023

Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)

Short-Stagiaire, SRF NEWS Digital Video

(contributions for "Tagesschau", web, app and social media)

9/2019 – 6/2022

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts (HSLU D&K)

Bachelor, VisComm Camera Arts

(viscom concepts, photography, film, HTML & CSS)

4/2022 – today

GGG Basel Kulturkick (voluntary)

Section Member Photo/Film

(advice, funding)

1/2020 – today

Staff Territorialdivision 2 (militia)

Journalism officer, First lieutenant

(communication concepts, administration, journalism)

7/2016 – today


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3/2022 – today

soziokulturPur, co-president

(social project work, film, photography)

9/2021 – today

Kollektiv esc., co-founder


8/2018 – 7/2019

Basel School of Design

Foundation Year

(specialisation: light/space design)

7/2015 – 6/2016

RS - Officer Candidate School (militia)

Secound lieutenant

(organisation, leadership, working techniques)

6/2011 – 6/2015

Zurich School of Design

EFZ engraver

(typography, corporate design, engravings)